Our work for children goes unchanged

For almost three decades I have had the honor to be part of Children's Home Society of Washington, an organization dedicated to children through helping to create strong families and communities. For more than 100 years, we have also had the privilege to be a force and participate in a national movement committed to every child having the right and potential to thrive, Children's Home Society of America.

Since the turn of the 20th century these organizations have persevered and survived through political, social and economic downturns and upswings. Once again we find ourselves at a crossroads in the midst of uncertainty and confusion but one thing remains certain—Children’s Home Society of Washington and those who support our work will carry on and never give up on our children, their families and communities who support them.

As I travel around Washington State and nationally, I find that this vision we have for our children is universal. We are of various backgrounds, opinions and lifestyles. We are all shapes and sizes. The common drive for all is that we love our children and work hard to ensure they grow up in a world where their possibilities are limitless.

At Children’s Home Society of Washington, we remain committed to every child having the supports needed to realize his or her full potential. It takes all of us to bring about a “world where all children thrive.” We cannot let divisiveness and political rhetoric get in the way of what is most important.

I know whether you are staff, volunteers, families, funders, parents or communities—you will stand with us at Children’s Home Society of Washington during these uneasy times to help us embrace differences, view diversity as a rich resource and welcome anyone and everyone to the table who is willing to make this world a better place for our children. We can all agree we want every child to be cared for, loved and valued. Every day we see evidence that this is not just a possibility but a reality if we work together. 

With your continued support, hard work, passion and commitment we will continue to be here and do whatever it takes to ensure “a world where all children thrive.”

Sharon Osborne is the President/CEO of Children's Home Society of Washington.