We believe the voice of children and their families should be heard.

Since our early days, we have been advocates for better systems and supports to increase the well-being of children in Washington state and nationally. Our work directly results in policy solutions that improve our communities where we live.


Many longstanding problems exist for children and families in the United States. New solutions that transform the child welfare system require the work of the nation's leading children's organizations and public and private partners.

Children's Home Society of America (CHSA) is one of the nation's most trusted and respected child welfare advocates. With strong support from CHSA, member agencies leverage partnerships from the private and public sectors and academia to offer best and promising practices that create a lasting impact on America's children.

Children's Home Society of Washington is a founding member of CHSA and our Executive Director of Children’s Home Society & Trust Foundation Sharon Osborne serves as current board chair. 

We believe in supporting children and families who have entered the child welfare system so they can fully realize their potential.

In 2004, Children's Home Society of Washington became the home of Catalyst for Kids (CFK), which emphasized the safety and well-being of children . CFK’s pioneering work brought the voice of parent allies who have successfully navigated the child welfare system into the development of strategies and policies to strengthen and improve the system.

Today, the nationally recognized “parent ally movement” is flourishing through contributions of the Washington State Parent Ally Committee and the Parents for Parents programs in the state. 

Two-generation approaches support children and their parents to enhance their well-being. We all benefit when everyone reaches their potential and contributes to our communities.

The goal of the Aspen Institute Ascend Network is bringing together organizations and leaders in two-generation approaches to influence policy and practice changes that increase the well-being for children, parents, and our communities. 

Children's Home Society of Washington was one of the initial organization to be a part of this national movement.

Early experiences in life shape the brain and create a solid foundation for children's development. It's easier and less expensive to build a strong foundation than correct problems later on. Public investments in early childhood can produce important long-term implications that impact the prosperity of our communities.

“Change in Mind: Applying Neurosciences to Revitalize Communities” is a three-year initiative of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Palix Foundation

As a member of this national and Canadian initiative, Children’s Home Society of Washington works to infuse groundbreaking brain science into policy reform efforts to better the lives of all children and their families.

Our brains begin developing before birth. The first few years of life are critical to establishing a strong foundation. Children in the child welfare system are at greater risk of having negative experiences impact their brain development and their lifelong behavior and health.

Children from birth to age 5 comprise more than half of the children in Washington state's child welfare system. Thanks to support of our partners, we work to connect this critical group of children to evidence-based early learning programs and behavioral health services, including physical and mental. Building a strong foundation in the early years increases the probably that children will have better outcomes in life.