Family thrives adopting five

In 2012, Angie Renick-Hayes and her husband, Jake, already had three biological children and decided to expand their family and adopt five siblings. Five years later, their parents have cultivated a loving home focusing on togetherness where the eight siblings play, learn, and resolve problems as a team.

“It’s more than we could have hoped for,” Angie said. “We provided a lot of space and time for them to be together and now they are inseparable.”

The family was brought together by the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program at Children’s Home Society of Washington. Funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the program has dedicated staff members who help children who are older and/or special needs and siblings find loving, nurturing homes. Since its launch at Children’s Home Society of Washington in 2004, 350 children have found permanent homes.

Indie, 15, Finn, 12, and Atticus, 10, have bonded closely with the five adopted siblings. They do not view each other as biological or adopted, just family. 

“They have all blossomed since the adoption,” Angie said. “We see their true personalities, versus their personalities being a reaction to their past abuse and neglect.”

Of the adopted siblings, Sakura, 15, is ready to go out into the world with confidence. Kaleef, 13, has a tender heart and is an amazing athlete. Sade, 11, is fearless and wants to try everything. She’s challenged in school, but her success comes from her can-do attitude. Janayah, 7, is a talented writer. Charlotte Rose, 6 went from being scared to becoming a confident and strong young lady. 

“Adoption has been such a gift for all of us and there is nothing we can’t face as a family,” Angie said. “Children’s Home Society of Washington can provide resources families need, which is a crucial part of success.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for Children's Home Society of Washington.