Wenatchee foster parents help 52 children

Kit and Cindi Shaw’s hearts have no limits. During our 2017 annual Wenatchee SweetHearts for Kids benefit luncheon in mid-April, they shared a wonderful story of how they came to adopt their son and daughter. 

Twenty years ago, they met a 5-year-old boy whose grandmother approached them about becoming the child’s foster parents. The mother was thinking about giving him up to the foster care system.

The Shaws explained being a foster parent wasn’t something they had considered. They loved the little boy and after receiving an overwhelming amount of encouragement and support from their community and friends, they decided to obtain their foster care license.

They heard the 5-year-old was receiving counseling at Children’s Home Society of Washington and decided it was the best place to start. Sometime later the little boy they had grown fond of had already been placed in another home. The Shaws thought this was the end of the road to fostering children, but then Children’s Home Society of Washington asked if they would do emergency care for other foster parents.

In the last 16 years, the Shaws have fostered and supported 52 children. They got the children caught up in school, addressed medical, dental and behavioral issues, and supported their interests. 

The Shaws felt they succeeded in these goals and headed into retirement to slow down and give the reins to the next generation. However, their journey continued and they became adoptive parents to Isabel and Xander, now 11 and 9.

They expressed that Children’s Home Society of Washington had consistently provided them the tools and guidance they needed. The Shaws received a standing ovation at the luncheon for their exceptional efforts in making a true difference in children’s lives.

Alejandra Gonzalez serves as the director for services in Chelan & Douglas County.