Counseling program helps siblings find strength

Maricela’s son, Marcos, was referred to Children’s Home Society of Washington for counseling after being diagnosed with speech, behavior and developmental problems. She also decided to have her daughter, Jenny, attend counseling for treatment of her anxiety.

When they entered the Wenatchee Family Resource Center for the first time, Maricela and her children connected with the staff and counselors immediately.

“When we first arrived Marcos became fascinated with toys; and then another thing happened—Marcos took off his shoes!” said Maricela. “This was only something he does at home, which meant he felt very comfortable.”

Week after week, Maricela’s children continued to look forward to visiting with the counselors at Children’s Home Society of Washington. Marcos began spending more time in a place or doing an activity, he paid more attention and he began to follow instructions.

“Marcos was interested in what his counselor showed him, he even looked at her when she spoke to him, said Maricela. “I was filled with happiness to see the progress of my child.”

Over the summer, Maricela’s children took part in day-long support groups.

“Jenny would come out of her group happy,” said Maricela. “I noticed she was more secure and trusting and she was making more friends.”

At the end of their time at Children’s Home Society of Washington, Maricela and her children had to say goodbye. Her children had finished their sessions and were doing very well.

“The staff of Children's Home Society of Washington will always be an important part in our lives and we consider them family,” Maricela said. “I will always be grateful to the team that made it possible for our children and family to thrive.”