Where can I obtain adoption records?

CHSW acts as a confidential intermediary and conducts a search for adoptees and birth parents separated through adoption in Washington state. To request a file, receive information or obtain a birth certificate, please visit our records and reunions page. 

How many locations does CHSW have in Washington state?

We have 20 locations to serve children and families. For a list of our locations, please go to our home page and click on “locations” in our navigation tab.

How can I give back or help the children and families you serve?

Information about our volunteer opportunities, donating online, planned giving, our Amazon Wishlist and how you can donate your car or make an IRA gift can be found here.  

What kind of programs or services does CHSW provide?

Child and family counseling, adoption and secure families, family support and early learning.

How does CHSW receive their funding?

More than 21 percent of revenue comes from private support. Government funding is 79 percent of revenue. CHSW is a 501c3 nonprofit, Federal Tax ID #43-2032452

Are there still orphanages in the United States?

The use of government run orphanages (also known as receiving homes) have been phased out of use in the United States during the latter half of the 20th century. Orphanages were often the only option for children who had no family or families that could not care for them. These facilities sometimes lacked necessary resources to care for all the children in need. Children are now placed in foster care instead of orphanages with the hopes to find them permanent homes. More

What is CHSW’s history?

CHSW is the oldest and largest statewide nonprofit children’s organization. In 1896, we were founded by the Rev. Harrison D. Brown and his wife, Libbie Beach Brown, who believed children should be living in homes and not institutions. The Browns established Washington Children’s Home Society with the mission to find a “home for every child.” More  

What is CHSW’s mission?

To develop healthy children, create strong families, build engaged communities, and speak and advocate for children.

What are CHSW’s goals?

To provide a safe and secure place for children, creating nurturing and stable families, contributing to educational success and social, emotional & physical well-being.

Where can I learn more about your work and the families you serve?

Stories about our families, staff and the growth and changes within our organization can be found on our blog page and news page.

Download our CHSW fact sheet: