Walla Walla volunteer of 15 years brings joy to children

We are fortunate to have a caring and hard-working person like Glo James, who saw a need in our community and wanted to fill it. Glo has been making blankets for more than 15 years for Children’s Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla helping kids feel safe and warm.

Glo was connected with the local chapter of Project Linus, volunteering to sew blankets for children in need. The kids keep these blankets for years and they provide comfort and security during counseling sessions, home visits, and early learning programs.

She has created more than 500 blankets in a year and 150 of them for CHSW Walla Walla.

“A man I knew worked at CHSW in Spokane told us all about the organization,” Glo said, “I saw an opportunity to help and contacted the CHSW in Walla Walla office where I live to see how I could help.”

Creating the blankets is a challenge and often takes a few days to create parts of the blanket, which then she and her friends from Project Linus put together as a team. Blankets have also been made for Ronald McDonald House, hospitals, local shelters and Washington state Department of Social and Health Services.

Glo is a delight and brings so much joy to so many children and their families through her love of sewing. She finds creating them fun and she has shared that it gives her a purpose to get out of bed each day.

“Each blanket is a hug for each child,” Glo said. “The kids know someone out there cares and that is a gift to me.”

Meagan Anderson-Pira serves as the director for services in Walla Walla County.