Volunteering is a family affair in Walla Walla

Mariela Rosas has been managing our Academic Fun Club and Farm Labor Homes Summer Camp in Walla Walla for the past 10 years.

By her side has been her husband, German, who has been Mariela’s No. 1 volunteer since day one. German has been volunteering again when the Academic Fun Club started this month for the school year.

“Whatever they need, I am there,” German said.

In this largely Hispanic community, Academic Fun Club is our after-school program that serves the youth of Valle Lindo, formerly known as Farm Labor Homes, where many of the students’ parents do not speak English. The program provides homework assistance, tutoring, test prep and mentoring.

During the summer, our camp helps children also build and maintain their English language skills so they are better prepared to return to school in the fall.

German helps the children with their reading, serves breakfast and lunch and provides transportation. He also supported children in the club who participated in a Lego robotics competition.

German wants to see more volunteers give their time to the Academic Fun Club and summer program. Tutors are especially needed. Volunteers are required to commit to at least 30 hours for at least 10 weeks while university and college students must be willing to commit to three hours a week.

German has found the experience to be rewarding and wants others to see the great work that is happening. “Once volunteers can see what Mariela is doing, they feel encouraged,” German said.

If you are interested in volunteering with Academic Fun Club and Farm Labor Homes Summer Camp, visit our online application form to get started.

Meagan Anderson-Pira is the community director for services in Walla Walla County.