Thank you from CHSW

One of the great pleasures of my job is talking with our donors and volunteers who are so passionate about helping children. I have learned that every person has a story, a compelling reason why you started donating or volunteering to Children’s Home Society of Washington and why you continue to be so generous year after year.

Many of our donors and volunteers have been touched by our legacy of adoption – either adopting a child, or being adopted into a permanent, loving family, or knowing someone who was adopted. Others have benefited from our signature services – Family Support, Early Learning and Child & Family Counseling – and want to give back so other families can get the help they need. Some donors simply wish to support a charity that helps children and families and they found Children’s Home Society of Washington.

We are celebrating the 109th anniversary of our annual holiday campaign called Red Stocking. Thank you all for giving this year. Your gift is appreciated no matter how large or smallin-kindlegacy gift or the gift of your time working with children in our early learning centers, or serving as mentors in our family resource centers. You are making a difference every day in the lives of children and families all throughout Washington state.

If you have any questions or if you would like to have a tour of one of our sites or many programs, please contact 206-695-3290 or

During this holiday season, we at Children’s Home Society of Washington are grateful for you and our donors, staff and volunteers. We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy new year.

Andrea Myers is the executive director of Children’s Home Society & Trust Foundation.