Program paves the way to a loving permanent home

One of six children and neglected since birth, Krista was bounced from house to house in the foster care system for 2,599 days starting at the age of five, looking for a forever home.

Angel and Travis Kirk had four biological children and their dream was to adopt a child someday to complete their family.

Angel’s aunt had fostered and adopted her child through Children’s Home Society of Washington. The Kirks knew foster parents needed support and offered respite care to those families through the Children’s Home Society of Washington in Wenatchee.

The Kirks describe fostering as an opportunity to make a significant impact in a child’s life, creating a foundation of support that can help them navigate through their future.

“When we met Krista through the fostering process, there was something very special about her,” Angel said. “Her heart made us feel she was ours and a part of our family from the start.”

Because the Kirk family connected with Children’s Home Society of Washington early on to adopt Krista, they felt the counseling, training and guidance they received prepared them for the adoption.

Krista and the Kirks were part of the Children’s Home Society of Washington’s Therapeutic Foster Care program. The program offers 24-hour service and one-on-one care, staying involved in Krista’s education, health and activities. The program also offered them behavior planning, coordination of providers, and crisis management.

“Children’s Home Society of Washington provides an elevated, much higher level of care, with compassion and were always available to us,” Angel said. “Our case worker was there to pave the way, so we never felt alone or unsure of the adoption process.”

Krista’s journey was not an easy one, but since the adoption her parents describe her as more relaxed, less anxious, and doing very well. Krista enjoys books, being outdoors, softball and dance.

“Krista, 12, loves family time and being with her siblings,” Angel said. “We are very happy and grateful for going through Children’s Home Society of Washington. They make you feel part of a family.”  

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for Children's Home Society of Washington.