Passion for kids drives board volunteer

I first learned of Children’s Home Society of Washington about 15 years ago when I was invited to a SweetHearts for Kids fundraising luncheon in Walla Walla. I was a self-employed single mother, and the notion of having time, talent or resources to give a nonprofit seemed beyond my ability.  


My son was fortunate enough to have counseling through Children’s Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla and my appreciation for the organization grew. I could see first-hand how the staff and services were beneficial not only to my child, but other children and their families.

Years later, when I had time available and additional resources, I wanted to give more to Children’s Home Society of Washington. I was invited to be a member of their board and was embraced by the volunteers who mentored me. I quickly went to work, first on the local level, and then later, as a state-wide trustee.

I give because the reach is broader than one agency impacting one community. Children’s Home Society of Washington partners with other local agencies. I’m proud to be associated with an organization that has such a great reputation not only for providing first class evidence-based care, but doing so in a collaborative and community-oriented environment, state-wide and nationally.

I believe in giving back to Children’s Home Society of Washington, because of the issues children in our community are facing. At a core level, that is why being a part of Children’s Home Society of Washington matters so much to me. I understand and have witnessed the challenging work Children’s Home Society of Washington does daily and the lasting impact it has.

Not all children have what they need and the fundamentals of parenting don’t come pre-loaded. There are many highly emotional situations families encounter and parents need access to services and skilled staff who can help. Children’s Home Society of Washington excels at this.

I have gained so much from Children’s Home Society of Washington. I learn something every time I interact with the local council, or a leader, and hear about what’s happening in the early learning program, or after-school events.

The dedicated state-wide Board of Trustees bring a wide variety of expertise and decades of commitment to the mission as well. I hope others also feel compelled to give of their time, talent and resources to Children’s Home Society of Washington.

Sherilee Coffey is the director of creative operations at Coffey Communications and co-chair of Children’s Home Society & Trust Foundation’s Marketing Advisory Committee.

The Marketing Advisory Committee provides expertise, insights and guidance on marketing plans, advertising and fundraising campaigns, outreach and events to further the mission and goals of Children’s Home Society of Washington.If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Janica Lockhart,