North Seattle family pays it forward

Families face many challenges in making a living, making a home, and helping their children receive a good education. One family in particular shines in their ability to help others. The Perez family entered the Lake City community from Mexico and through their relationship with Children’s Home Society of Washington, have helped strengthen other families around them.  

Lupita Perez, her daughters Diana,16, Ileana, 14 and son Ricardo, 10, have been involved in the Children’s Home Society of Washington’s North Seattle Family Resource Center in Lake City for more than five years.

When Lupita’s family came to us, we helped them obtain school supplies and apply for financial assistance and English classes. Staff provided her children with summertime activities and opportunities to learn.

In return, Lupita and her children have made huge contributions with their time and talents getting families to actively engage with the center.

“Giving back to the community is something I care about deeply,” Lupita said. “I’m so thankful the North Seattle Family Resource Center provided us with so many opportunities.”

When Lupita’s children were younger, they participated in a program called Strollers in Action, where behavioral issues and learning challenges were addressed. This program has now evolved into Children in Action where Lupita is one of the facilitators of this group.

“The families and I discuss culture, traditions, and education in Children in Action,” Lupita said. “Parents have a chance to learn from one another and share best practices.”

Lupita’s daughters co-facilitated a girl’s empowerment group Powerful Voices, where young women have a confidential support system and share their feelings and experiences.

“Children’s Home Society of Washington has helped me understand my children through their programs, because they nurture the family as a whole,” Lupita said. “My family and I have grown a lot through these experiences.”

Lupita’s support of the community grew even further when her son Ricardo was hit by a car crossing a street in Lake City. She worked with the police and the Seattle Department of Transportation on placing additional crossing flags on local streets.

“Children’s Home Society of Washington has helped me in so many areas of my life that I want to tell others about their services, so they could gain the benefits I experienced,” Lupita said. “I have enjoyed being there for others, the way Children’s Home Society of Washington was there for me.”

Ann Fuller serves as the director of services in North King County.