Lake City residents share thoughts for the future

The Imagine Lake City Together neighborhood planning project is moving forward with the input and assistance of many Lake City community members. 

Started last summer, the project is being facilitated by a partnership between Children’s Home Society of Washington, Lake City Future First and Lake City Neighborhood Alliance, with funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation.  The grant supports the creation of a plan to help improve the quality of life for children, families and individuals of Seattle’s Lake City.

The Imagine Lake City Together leadership team thanks all the individuals and organizations who are helping us on the project.  Volunteers have knocked on doors, surveyed residents, and assessed conditions of every commercial and residential parcel in the survey block. As part of the Steering Committee, more than 25 residents and business owners, community and civic leaders have brought their expertise to the table in areas such as parks, social services, transportation, children and youth programming, senior services, education, public safety, and more.

We also wish to thank more than 150 Lake City residents who have already given us their input by putting their time and thought into completing resident surveys or by participating in focus groups. We’ve been talking with seniors, youth, business owners, residents, immigrant and refugees. We are looking at the answers from every survey and group to determine the most important challenges and opportunities for the near and distant future for our community.  If you have received a survey in the mail, or if one of our surveyors knocks on your door, you still have time to for your voice to be heard.

Susan Edwards of the Imagine Lake City Together leadership team has tons of surveys to review. We are accepting surveys through March 24.

The Imagine Lake City Together Leadership Team will soon be working on the first draft of the plan based on this input as well as previous community planning efforts. We will again be asking for the community’s help to review the draft and its priorities and work together to make Lake City an even better place to live, learn, work and play.

Ann Fuller serves as the community manager for North Seattle Family Resource Center at Children’s Home Society of Washington. Chris Leverson is the director of Lake City Future First. Sandy Motzer is the director of Lake City Neighborhood Alliance.