Helping families grow stronger together

The child and family counseling services at Children’s Home Society of Washington can help families improve their lives at home and in the community at large, as was the case for one family who benefited from a unique program offered at Children’s Home Society of Washington in Spokane. 

As the relationship with her daughter, Nikkala, became more strained, Opal reached out to Children’s Home Society of Washington to help repair their bond. 

“I was having some difficulties with my daughter,” Opal said. “She was being very sassy; she got aggressive and was being very disruptive in school.”

A family member who was already utilizing Children’s Home Society of Washington’s services recommended to Opal that she get involved with the organization’s family counseling services. In both group and one-on-one counseling sessions at Children’s Home Society of Washington in Spokane, Opal and Nikkala learned how to better communicate and worked to strengthen their relationship. 

“I took a parenting class, and that was very beneficial because even though my daughter wasn’t a newborn or toddler, I still learned something,” Opal said. 

This summer, Nikkala and her brother attended the free therapeutic summer group at Children’s Home Society of Washington’s Galland-Ashlock Resource Center offered in partnership with the YMCA of the Inland Northwest. There, the kids boosted their social and communications skills, while taking advantage of the Y’s facilities. 

“They both really loved camp and learned lot of skills, from swimming to coping to interaction,” Opal said. “And it’s not just about them learning the skills, but actually using them too.” 

With guidance from Children’s Home Society of Washington, Nikkala learned how to interact with her peers and handle difficult situations in a productive manner, instead of yelling or getting angry.

As Nikkala gets ready to enter second grade, Opal and her husband are confident that the lessons learned at summer camp will pay off, and hope that Nikkala ’s teacher will be accommodating as their daughter continues to progress. 

“With CHSW as a partner, Opal and her children have made tremendous strides in their family dynamics,” said Desiree Gordon, child and family therapist. “It has been very rewarding exciting to be a part of see their progress.”