Grandparents help raise grandson

Grandparents and family caregivers are an important part of so many children’s lives, especially as our nation sees a rise in the number of grandparents raising their grandchildren due to the opioid epidemic. Grandparents can offer additional support, love and resources during times when a child’s parents can’t. A powerful example of this unwavering support, are Claudia and Bill from the Key Peninsula.   

“Our daughter had struggles with substance abuse after high school, which led to incarceration,” Claudia said. “When she got pregnant, my husband and I knew she would have a tough time without the life skills. We wanted to help our daughter get on her feet for our grandson Andrew, so we offered to help take care of him after she got treatment.”

Claudia and Bill had known Jud Morris, community manager of Key Peninsula Family Resource Center for over 15 years and knew through their close connection to the community, that the KPFRC would have the resources to help their family.

“Our grandson and has been a part of Ready-Set-Go at the center where he can play games, interact with other children, receive a meal and have an opportunity to learn,” Claudia said. “He’s developing a caring and empathetic demeanor since he’s been there.”

Ready-Set-Go is a free cooperative preschool program with a goal to have children and their families participate in early learning services. Andrew also participates in Indoor Park at the KPFRC, which provides a safe place for families to play and learn.

“This has been invaluable to Andrew as he’s developing relationships, creating a solid social circle, and learning about sports and art,” Claudia said. “This is allowing him to prepare for school.”

Claudia and Bill’s daughter is doing well and attending community college. They are proud of her goals and Andrew’s success.

“We know CHSW services really work,” Bill said. “Andrew, now 5 is going to do great in kindergarten.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for CHSW.