Giving families a brighter future

A few years ago the lives of Dawn and her three children were transformed when they discovered CHSW’s Green River Child Development Center (GRCDC). The center provides critical support to student parents by offering high-quality early learning to their young children.

While Dawn’s children attended GRCDC, she enrolled in Green River Community College to pursue a degree in nursing. Her children improved their cognitive, language, motor and social skills to excel in kindergarten and beyond while Dawn focused on her education and giving her family a strong future.

“I look back at how much we have all accomplished as a family, thanks to CHSW and our determination,” Dawn said.

Dawn found it a challenge at times being a parent, working and going to school.

“CHSW was my saving grace and welcomed my kids with open arms,” said Dawn. “If it wasn’t for their staff, I wouldn’t have moved into the nursing program, applied for my bachelor’s degree or be working toward my dream of being a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit.”

She and her family feel the lasting effects of the services today. She recently applied for her bachelor’s degree at Pacific Lutheran University and is working as a school nurse in Auburn.

Her 15-year-old son Xavier has ADHD, but through a strong example from his mother, he has learned to advocate for himself and ask for help when he needs it. Sebastian, 8, has earned all As and Bs on his report card and is an advanced reader. Lailah, 13, is an honor student and thrives in her honors English class.

“I feel more confident that I’m able to provide for myself and my children,” added Dawn. “I can be their role model and show them they can succeed.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for Children's Home Society of Washington.