Counseling brings family back to life

After being in an abusive relationship for 13 years, Victorianna began to see the impact it was having on her two children, Leo, 8, and Lilly, 10.

Her children were acting out and communicating less. Leo became angry, defensive and violent.

The family was referred to Children’s Home Society of Washington in Spokane for its Child & Family Counseling program. The program helps build stronger families through communication, stress management and parenting and problem-solving skills.

“From the first moment, I knew CHSW and my family were a good fit,” Victorianna said. “They responded with warmth and compassion, providing a safe place for my children to express themselves and be heard. Through these services, we learned how to help the kids understand why they were shutting down and getting angry.”

Counseling sessions assessed the issues Victorianna and her children were currently facing, then provided methods to teach them how to stay calm during anxiety and how listen to their bodies and emotions.

In the last year, Leo and Lilly became open and isolated less. Leo has gone from outbursts and self-harm to now hugging his mother and communicating his needs. Lilly became more self-confident and aware of her feelings. They both have now graduated from the Child & Family Counseling program.

During this process, Victorianna received counseling services that she says, saved her life.

“My counselor has been my guiding light and there are no words to say how thankful I am for CHSW,” Victorianna said. “They brought my family back to life.”

Rick Purcell serves as the community director for Spokane County.