Community clothing drive brings hope

When parents and children need support, Key Peninsula Family Resource Center in Vaughn and community volunteers come together to bring about hope.

A thoughtful 6-year-old Juliette, knew a friend at school who was terrified of having a bathroom accident due to a medical condition. This gave Juliette the idea of hosting a clothing drive, so school children in her area would have a backup pair of clothes on hand.

She and her mother, Jessica, launched Operation School Dignity.

They worked with Jud Morris, community manager of Key Peninsula Family Resource Center, and collected 60 pairs of clothing for boys and girls. Juliette and her family said their goal is to collect clothing every fall to help children be ready for their first day of school.

Juliette explained she wants to help others and show kindness because of how embarrassing it can be to have a bathroom accident during the school day. Knowing the clothing is there gives children comfort.

“Juliette put a lot of thought into choosing the right pieces of clothing based on fashion trends and matching colors,” Jessica said. “Juliette really thought about what the kids would want to wear and what would make them feel good. This project is about normalizing something that can be very embarrassing to a child.”

Jessica and her husband, Nathan, have also been active in supporting their community in other ways, including donating in-kind items to the Key Peninsula Family Resource Center in past years.  They encourage other parents to support their children in helping others.

“We as community members can communicate with each other about the needs we see and hear about,” Jessica said. “It’s important to find out what you are passionate about when you want to volunteer and then ask how you can help.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for Children's Home Society of Washington.