Book the Future promotes literacy with CHSW families

Books can be an exciting part of a child’s first years. Children can engage in stories giving them the chance to dream, learn, and explore other worlds. Books can also help children understand sounds, words, and language, which help develop literacy skills. Every child should have the opportunity to read and enjoy stories. The team from Book the Future couldn’t agree more.

Book the Future is student-run organization based in Seattle founded by 16-year-old high school student, Andrea Liao, and co-run with friend Sabine Wood. The students obtain and donate books with the core belief that every child deserves a book, and every student a story.  

“Growing up, books were an important and fun part of my youth, which is why I founded my organization and organize book drives,” Andrea said. “I found CHSW online and wanted to support their mission and literacy for the different families they serve.”

Andrea described Book the Future’s mission of working towards global youth literacy manifesting itself through three primary programs: bimonthly book drives to provide reading resources for those in need; events in partnership with local organizations, including writing workshops, literacy camps, and read-a-thons; and a digital-format magazine featuring work submitted by teens that explore the intersections between activism, the arts and storytelling.

“CHSW seems like a natural pairing for Book the Future because of their dedication to providing resources for families in need, particularly children,” Andrea said. “We wanted to help CHSW honor diversity, so our book drive aims to represent the various cultures, languages, ethnic groups, and races of our region.”

Book the Future gathered and organized books to share with children at the Genesee Early Learning Center, in addition to helping CHSW prepare for their annual Roll and Read event occurring on Aug. 3, 2019 in Kent. Fellow high school student Brian Shen also donated several desk lamps to the families at Genesee.

Noelle Gichohi, CHSW administrative supervisor at the South King County Family Resource Center who helped coordinate Roll and Read, was delighted in the amount of books received for the event.

“We can’t thank Book the Future enough for helping us prepare for Roll and Read,” Noelle said. “Parents are grateful that CHSW and their partners can help the community by giving out books and involving children in literacy and community engagement. Reading can help kids feel ready to return to school in the fall.”

To compile a strong collection of books, Andrea and her team contacted various distributors for donations, such as Half Price Books in Seattle.

“Our book donors were all very helpful and generous in support of our cause. We hope to continue supporting CHSW with books. Reading opens up a child’s world and it’s important to do that at a young age.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for CHSW.