A legacy of giving: The Robins family

Throughout their 50 years of dedication and contributions, the Robins family has shaped the history and the future of CHSW.

Charlotte Robins became involved in CHSW to help fundraise after the adoption of one of her daughters. Her husband John L. (Jack) Robins, a businessman, also found it a worthy cause to support. He served as president of the CHSW Board of Trustees from 1977-1980, became a lifetime trustee and remained on the board until his passing in 2015.

“Jack felt Children’s Home Society of Washington was well worth his time and effort and was fulfilled giving back to his community,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte and Jack enjoyed parenthood with daughters Sara and Katy and then adopted their son Gary through CHSW. Amy was born to the family three years later and Charlotte and Jack continued to bond with the staff at CHSW over the years, including current President/CEO Sharon Osborne. Jack was Sharon’s mentor, and after his passing, Sharon encouraged their son Gary to join the board. Gary became a board member in 2016.

“Gary is a wonderful example of generational involvement in philanthropy,” Charlotte said. “Our children were proud of their father and now look for ways to help.”

When Jack passed, Gary reflected on his life and the work his father did in the community.

“My father took the time to help others, instead of focusing on wealth,” Gary said. “Seeing my parents donate and give of their time made it natural for me to want to give back too.”

Gary felt the importance of getting involved as an adopted child himself. He is deeply connected to CHSW’s mission and understands the importance of providing holistic and integrated services to families in the future.

“My heart is in this all the way,” Gary said. “CHSW programs and support services will provide benefits to families that last a lifetime. This is needed to combat the foster care crisis in our state.”

“Things have to continue, grow, and move forward after we are gone,” Charlotte said. “Jack, Gary and I planned an estate gift for CSHW, so they can continue their work.”

Jennifer Parsons is the marketing communications manager for Children's Home Society of Washington.