From assisting adopted individuals find information about their biological parents, putting together backpacks of food for kids during the summer, to corporations who come in to paint and build garden beds, our volunteers are an extension of our workforce. Here is a sampling of some of our current volunteering opportunities:


  • Help families practice their English language skills at one of our language cafes (Spanish, Arabic, French, Amharic, Somali, Chinese or Oromo)
  • Host a craft or art lesson at one of our family resource centers
  • Host a special computer class at one of our computer labs
  • Teach a class to families and children about planting their own garden or about learning to identify different flora and fauna in their own neighborhoods
  • Host a diaper drive at your local grocery store


  • As a class assistant/reader, read and play with children at one of our early learning centers 
  • As a front desk reception/greeter, interact with families in our family resource center helping to connect them with local resources
  • Registered pet partners animal teams visit our family resource centers and early learning centers

Interested in volunteering?

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