Sharon Osborne

Sharon has committed her life to making a positive impact on the lives of children. During her 35-year tenure, CHSW has tripled in the number of children and families served to nearly 30,000. As a champion for children, Sharon believes that every child deserves quality care.

Our transformation would not have been possible without a leader at the helm who pushed for innovative solutions within services, policies and systems. Under Sharon’s leadership, CHSW has been at the forefront of every major policy change in child welfare at the state and national levels. Sharon herself has also played a key leading figure in these statewide and national conversations about policy reform and improving the child welfare system. Her work has included at the federal level as board chair of the Children’s Home Society of America (CHSA).

Sharon and CHSW have also made an impact nationally by partnering with the academic community to develop innovative strategies that improve services for children and families around the country. Osborne works with researchers at universities throughout the United States on evidence-based research so that services make a true impact in the lives of children.

Sharon was named Seattle Business Magazine’s Nonprofit Executive of the Year in 2018. The Executive Excellence Award recognizes Sharon for exemplary performance in daily operations in addition to providing a moral compass to the people whose lives she influences.