All adoptions in Washington State require home studies as mandated by law. A home study provides a family with what they need to bring a child into their home as well as evaluates the fitness of the family. 

Home studies are available for domestic, step parent, second parent or relative placement (when a relative of the child is adopting) types of adoption. Services are available in the Seattle-Tacoma and outlying communities.

The home study process consists of:

  • Home study application form
  • Submission of personal information, such as background checks, references, financial documents, medical reports, employment verification and autobiographical statement you create about your life history
  • Series of four personal interviews
  • 10 hours of parent preparation training classes
  • Final summary and recommendation included in home study report


Home Study Fee (domestic)    
$1,975 ($195 non-refundable)

Second Parent Adoption Fee
$800  ($100 non-refundable)

Home Study Update    
$1,490  ($100 non-refundable)

Brief Update
$600  ($50 non-refundable)

Post-placement Report
$460  ($50 non-refundable)

Hourly Rate

For more information on the adoption or home study process, contact Kristi Leksen at 206-695-3233 and