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Devoting her life to children

Jan Allott worked for Children's Home Society of Washington for four years starting in the late 1960s. 

One night right before Christmas in the late 1960s, a 15-year-old woman with no place to go walked into the doors of Children’s Home Society of Washington in its original location on Northeast 65th Street in Seattle. She was expecting a child, and when she told her parents, she had to leave home. 

Jan Allott was working as a social worker for Children’s Home Society of Washington on that night. She had a safe, secure home available and was willing to give the young woman a temporary home until a proper place could be found. “She had nobody and I had a kind word and bed available to help her in that moment,” Jan said.

The story is one of many from Jan’s career in helping children. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from University of Colorado, Boulder, and Master of Social Work from University of Denver, Jan spent her life working for children’s causes.

She came to Children’s Home Society of Washington in 1967 and worked for the organization for four years. She spent a significant amount of time with children who were in foster care waiting to be adopted; many were newborns. She also completed home studies for families who wanted to adopt children. A home study provides a family with what they need to bring a child into their home as well as evaluates the fitness of the family.

Her time at Children’s Home Society of Washington had such an impact on her that she wants to ensure that critical services for children continue far into the future, so she has left a gift to the organization in her will.

“I feel like it is such a great cause,” Jan said. “I want to make sure that families have a place like Children’s Home Society of Washington to help them with any of their challenges.”

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Andrea Myers is the executive director of Children's Home Society & Trust Foundation.